Greenville City Council approves $1.1 million for tree canopy

The City Council approved spending priorities for the “Open Space Fund” in hopes of preserving Greenville’s tree canopy.

GVLtoday trees falls park

Greenville lives up to its name. | Photo by James Simpson Photography

We see trees of green. Greenville’s “Open Space Fund” — designed to preserve the tree canopy — has exceeded $1.1 million, and spending priorities have been approved.

In a recent meeting, the City Council accepted a staff report that recommended these priorities:

  • Purchasing land within the city limits for tree planting
  • Funding landscaping and trees in affordable housing projects
  • Expanding tree planting on private property

In accordance with the Landscape and Tree Preservation Ordinance — established for the protection and replacement of trees — property owners can either replace trees or pay a fee to the fund when trees are removed. The mission is to regrow the tree canopy without hindering development

How can you help? The City is asking residents to identify “heat islands” (read: areas that experience higher temperatures than outlying areas) to “reduce utility costs and enhance quality of life.” Stay green, Greenville.