Greenville County paving crews start the 2024 season

The Greenville County paving crews are hitting the streets to give Greenvillians a smoother ride.

A white water truck followed by a paving truck.

Talk about paving the way. | Photo via Greenville County

On the road again. Greenville County paving crews are hitting the streets for the beginning of the 2024 paving season.

How does the county decide which roads get paved?

Paving is prioritized by road conditions to maximize resources. The areas with the most deterioration will be restored first.

Which roads are considered?

Every county road is considered and the county uses a “data-driven” approach to schedule projects. You can also submit a paving request, but this doesn’t guarantee inclusion in the plan.

How do we know what’s next?

The annual paving plan is published online. You can see which roads are on the list, the paving schedule, and which roads have already been completed.

And we thought Greenville couldn’t get any smoother.

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