Getting matched with unclaimed money in South Carolina

Cash | Photo via Pexels

$700+ million. That’s how much unclaimed money the state is holding.

The office of State Treasurer Curtis Loftis has launched a new social media promotion aimed at helping people find their perfect match in unclaimed funds in SC  — meet “The Matchelor.”

The state’s promotion parodies the popular dating tv series + has a team of “matchelors” and “matchelorettes” who work to connect people with their unclaimed funds. 🌹

If a company tries to send funds to the rightful owner but it doesn’t make it, that money is handed over to the state’s Unclaimed Property Program.

Types of unclaimed property

  • Checks lost in the mail + never cashed
  • Dormant bank accounts
  • Forgotten utility deposits
  • Insurance proceeds
  • Shares of stock

There are more than a million accounts, so the State Treasurer’s Office is asking citizens to search the website to be “reunited with their long-lost Benjamins, Hamiltons, or Lincolns.”

Visit the State Treasurer’s Office website to see if you can get reconnected with your missing money today. We hope it’s a perfect match, Greenville.