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Join Friends of the Reedy River to save the Reedy River’s stream banks

Join forces with FoRR and ReWa to identify failing stream banks.

A bridge over a river

The Reedy River | Photo by GVLtoday

Last month, Friends of the Reedy River (FoRR) — a local nonprofit committed to preserving, promoting and restoring the Reedy — launched its Stream Bank Failure research tool.

Created through a partnership with ReWa, the tool will help locate, identify, and restore failing stream banks along the Reedy River.

When a stream bank is failing or even collapses, the following can occur:

  • Excessive sediment: smothers aquatic life habitats
  • Damage to wastewater infrastructure: buried pipes can burst leach pollutants into the water
  • Property loss and damage: leads to excessive erosion

How can I help?

You can use the Stream Bank Failure Tool on Anecdata.orga free, online science platform that allows local citizens to participate in scientific research. Download the free Anecdata app, join FoRR’s project, and help identify stream bank failure by submitting your own observations.

See step by step instructions for how to access the tool and start sharing observations and peep examples of what to look for.