Get a taste of Greenville as a flavor of ice cream

From mint chocolate chip to vanilla with Strossner’s fudge, here are what ice cream flavors you said best describe our city.

Five ice cream cones and lots of sprinkles.

If the ice cream is strawberry, that means it counts as a serving of fruit — right? Asking for a friend. | Photo via Unsplash

Recently, we asked you to come up with a unique ice cream flavor that describes Greenville and utilizes one to three locally sourced ingredients. After reading all of your responses, it’s safe to say that our mouths are watering. Here were some of our favorites:

A mint flavored ice cream with chopped up Stecca bread from Swamp Rabbit Café for some chewy + salty goodness, a drizzle of Methodical Coffee on top, and sliced strawberries from Beechwood Farms for some fruit action. Called “Greenville Goddess.” - Heather R.

Coffee ice cream flavored with coffee from Spill the Beans that is topped with pieces of Scout’s Donuts’ cinnamon sugar cronut and cacao nibs from a local chocolatier like The Chocolate Shoppe or LaRue Fine Chocolate. Called “G-Vegas.” - Reg L.

Vanilla bean ice cream (tinted green for Greenville) topped with a ripple of Strossner’s fudge and rabbit-shaped sea salt dark chocolates from The Chocolate Shoppe. Called “Swamp Rabbit Tracks.” - Casey C.

A vanilla ice cream base made with milk from Happy Cow Creamery topped with chunks of sweet potato cake from Brick Street Cafe, thumbprint almond cookies from Old Europe Coffee and Desserts, and blueberry balsamic vinegar from Palmetto Olive Oil Company. Called “Sweet Blue Ridge A-la-mond” — a play on a-la-mode and almond, blue ridge for the Blue Ridge Mountains, and the blueberry vinegar, and sweet from sweet potato cake - Kami T.

A mint chocolate chip ice cream topped with pecans from Adams Hill Farms and peanuts from Benton’s Peanut Farm. Called “Hyper Green Crunch.” - Barb B.

The only thing we need now is a local ice cream shop to make one of these flavors a reality. Clare’s Creamery, Pink Mama’s, Spill the Beanswe’re looking at you.

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