A local chef hit the Flavortown Market for “Guy’s Grocery Games”

Chef Michael Siebert joined three other chefs to compete for $20,000 on the hit Food Network show.


When he entered the supermarket, Guy said, “We have a rule about having better hair than me.” | Photo by Campfire Marketing Agency

“I’ve basically been practicing for this moment for my entire career.”

That’s what Chef Michael Siebert, of White Wine and Butter at Cartwright Food Hall, said as he hit the Flavortown Market on Food Network’s “Guy’s Grocery Games.”

“Just competing on ‘Guy’s Grocery Games,’ I’m starstruck,” Chef Michael said on the episode. “I have to tell myself not to fan-girl.”

We want everyone to watch, so we won’t share what grocery store games Chef Michael had to play while shopping — or what dish he made for the judges — but we will tease that he went straight to the aisle with grits.

“We eat grits for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in South Carolina,” he explained, and if you’ve tasted his shrimp and grits, you know that was a smart move.

To see what Chef Michael made, which — spoiler alert — the judges called “really good,” “so smart,” and “perfectly cooked through,” save the episode info to catch a rerun.

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