Furman alum Sandra C. Greer has a new book called “Chemistry for Cooks”

According to Greer, “Chemistry for Cooks” is a textbook, but is accessible to the general reader and will “change the way you think about cooking.”

GVLtoday Chemistry for Cooks

Cooking is an art and a science. | Photo via Amazon

Were you among the many who read “Lessons in Chemistry” and wished Elizabeth Zott was real? If so, you’re in luck. Furman alum and Ph.D. Sandra C. Greer has written a book called “Chemistry for Cooks” that clues you in to what chemistry has to do with your food.

Greer says this is technically a textbook, but is “accessible to the general reader” + it includes organic chemistry but “not enough to scare anybody.” Phew.

Each chapter features different recipes — including Greer’s mom’s fruit cobbler — and analyzes them with science. Greer says it “changes the way you think about cooking.”

This is her second book and she says it’s “doing quite well.” Get your hands on a copy here.

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