Where are our readers from?

We asked our readers where they were from, and as it turns out — y’all are from all over.


Somewhere out there are our lovely readers. | Photo by @vanzeppelinaerial

Last year (it’s still wildthat we can say that now), we asked you — our readers — where you were from. You really showed up and showed out with your responses, so we decided to share a few.

  • Born and raised in Buffalo NY — brrrr! Lived 50 years in Jersey and spent years researching places to retire. Visited Greenville several times but I was really convinced the first time I drove down Main Street and saw all the lights and activity. Love the Greenville area, the community feel, and all the events and activities.” — Carol B.
  • My husband and I are both from Indiana. About two years after we were married, my husband got a job at Michelin. We moved down in August of ‘88 and have been in the Upstate ever since. Love this area, and it is our home!” — Becky R.
  • “We moved to Greenville in July of 2019 from California and love Downtown Greenville, Lake Hartwell, Fall for Greenville, and all the other downtown festivals.” — Tom V.
  • I’m from Anderson, born and raised. It’s good to be back in the Upstate, yet I still felt like I came to a ‘new’ city when I moved to Greenville.” — Michelle L.
  • Born and raised in San Diego. In 2016, I lost my mind and relocated to San Diego. In 2022 I regained my sanity and returned to the grace, kindness, prosperity, and culture that is Greenville. I recently found the man of my dreams here.” — Jamesa S.
  • I’m originally from Ohio but have lived in 15 or 16 states (some states multiple times) working as a contract aerospace engineer. Out of all the cities I’ve lived in, this one is at the top of my list.” — Robert O.

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