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Unwritten rules of Greenville

Tell us you’re from Greenville without telling us you’re from Greenville.

An orange and blue sunset over the bridge at Falls Park, with water rushing over the rocks.

Dang Greenville, you’re pretty. | Photo by @chris_leyland_photography

Whether you’re a Greenville native or a relative newcomer, there are just some things every Greenvillian understands to be true.

We asked our readers to share Greenville’s unwritten rules, from common city knowledge to relatable trends and local lingo. You won’t find these rules in a handbook, but they are undoubtedly absorbed by the community — and if you’re not from Greenville, these might be a little difficult to explain.

The unspoken rule everyone knows
“When you have guests from out of town, you have to take them to visit Falls Park.” — Pat B. (The best way to fall for Greenville.)

“You must visit the iconic Duke Sandwich Company on Poinsett Highway.” — Teresa C. (Eugenia Duke is Mother Mayo.)

We’re kind to our neighbors
“Greenville is a super friendly city. Assume the best in others.” — James G. (We couldn’t agree more.)

“All morning dog walkers, joggers, and peeps out for their morning constitutional along Main Street always say ‘mornin’’ and smile when you pass another person going the other way.” — Sally E.

“Always leave room for bikers on the Prisma Health Swamp Rabbit Trail. ‘On your left!’” — Ryan C. (You can even purchase some SRT merch here.)

Sometimes you just have to laugh
“If you want to shop on Woodruff Road on a Saturday, wait for Clemson’s kickoff time.” — James G. (We’ll leave the schedule here.)

“Don’t plan a fall wedding or major event without checking the Clemson and USC home football schedule.” — Christopher M.

“Don’t let the drivers on I-85 ruin your day because there’s a high chance that they will.” Ryan C.

“When giving directions to someone, be sure to refer to at least two landmarks that haven’t existed for at least five years.” — Kathy T. (Stephanie here — I think this is particularly true with restaurants that just opened. Give it a month or two at least.)

“There is a West End, Southernside, North Main, but nothing east. And it’s East North, not North East (non-Greenvillians have a hard time with that).” — James G. (Is it just us or did you get a little dizzy too?)

GVLtoday’s pro tips
“G-Vegas is an acceptable replacement for Greenville in conversation.” — City Editor Stephanie

“Parking is free in the Richardson Street Garage on the weekends.” — City Editor Danielle

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