Meet the Makers: Palmetto Craft outdoor furniture

Palmetto Craft designs outdoor furniture in Greenville that is made in Amish Country and sold by Home Depot. Plus, you can shop its warehouse sale for discounts on its most popular products.

A row of Adirondack chairs in a warehouse

We can’t believe how good the sale prices are. | Photo by GVLtoday

Spring has officially arrived, and what better way to celebrate than with new local backyard Amish furniture designed right here in Greenville?

City Editor Danielle here. I’ve admired Palmetto Craft’s products for years, but I recently got a sneak peek of the brand’s warehouse sale happening this Saturday, March 23 + caught up with founder and owner Ford McGee. I may have also purchased two chairs and a glider while there.

The Greenville native shared how Palmetto Craft began, the process from design sketches to production in Amish Country, and the company’s journey into big box stores like Home Depot.

What inspired the founding of Palmetto Craft?

I was introduced to the Amish when working with a company that sourced bird feeders. They’re incredible people up in Ohio. I got to spend some time with them and quickly realized how much people love it up there. The rolling green hills, and the people are so nice. You can get a buggy ride if you wanted one.

In 2020, I thought it was a great time to start a business. People thought I was crazy. I reached out to the guy who started Wayfair because I met him at a trade show. Within 30 minutes he replied and said, “Do it. My team will support you.” That was the push out of the nest that we needed.

From there, Home Depot stocked us in all of their distribution centers for dot com, and that was a huge launching pad for us.

I shouldn’t say the rest is history. We’re just getting started.

Can you explain the process from sketching your designs here in Greenville to having them made in Amish country?

I sketch designs — I’m horrible at drawing — but I’m good enough to draw something. We have a woman who works for us in Ohio who is not Amish, and she will walk the sketch down to them. Communication is hard: They don’t have phones. They don’t have power.

Everything is made in Ohio. The people who make our furniture started their business in 1976. While there is no electricity, they hook power tools to air compressors.

Describe your perfect day in Greenville.

The first day of spring. This time of year I absolutely love as Greenville is blooming. Getting to drive up to the mountains and back in 45 minutes is a pretty good day.

What do you think Greenville will be known for in 10 years?

Palmetto Craft Furniture? Furman Basketball? Just kidding, but Bob Richey would love that answer wouldn’t he? In 10 years... just the consistency in how nice this area is. There’s so much that is still new: Unity Park and the Swamp Rabbit Trail. We’re still growing right now and that stuff is just going to keep going.

The warehouse sale

Saturday, March 23 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Palmetto Craft’s warehouse sale will feature heavily discounted inventory like chairs for $80-$175 (originally $149-$249), tables for $125 (originally $249), and even swings + gliders for $125-$175 (originally $199-$299).

The warehouse is located at the old fire house at 304 Kerns Ave. (behind the tool shed past Duke’s Sandwich Shop).

If you can’t make it this weekend, you can shop Palmetto Craft on Six & Main. Pro tip: Sign up for emails to receive a 15% off code.

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