Back when Greenville was a little more pink

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#DYK: Pepto-Bismol was manufactured right here in Greenville for 20 years up until the mid 1990s? Norwich Pharmaceuticals brought the medicine to the Donaldson Center in 1968 from New York, where it was first marketed in 1901 as a cure for children with intestinal issues.

Procter & Gamble (which acquired Norwich in 1982) was actually given a “manufacturer of the year” award by the Greenville Chamber of Commerce in 1989 for its training + safety record. Not to mention the factory was producing 200 pink plastic bottles each hour – in 1968. 😮

In the early 1990s, 5% of Pepto-Bismol manufacturing was sent to Canada and Mexico, then cut their national workforce. By 1997, the production was moved to Greensboro, NC.

It’s too bad because we imagine mixing GVLtoday green and Pepto-Bismol pink would look a lot like a Lilly Pulitzer dress.

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