A new artist studio and tattoo shop coming to the Village of West Greenville

Rendering by Johnston Design Group

What’s the best tattoo shop in downtown Greenville? Trick question — there isn’t one, yet.

A tattoo shop is coming soon — spring of 2022 to be exact — to the Village of West Greenville.

Before you start saving up for some ink, here are the deets we know so far:

Tattoo artist Justin Walker, formerly of Persecuted Tattoo in Greer, is opening the tattoo shop which will be in a brand new building located in the Village, which will also be Joseph Bradley’s new studio. Joseph Bradley is one of the OG Village artists who helped turn the Village into the Arts District we know now.

The new Pendleton Street studio will also feature a garden with the help of Dabney Peeples and Tessa Pinner.

We’ll be sure to update you as we know more, but ICYMI, other new digs coming to The Village soon include Rise Bakery and Opal Bride. If you haven’t been to the Village recently, this is your sign to make the trip.