$83M & 728+ units

Last time we talked affordable housing, we told you that both the City of Greenville and the Greenville Housing Authority were putting down some serious money to help rectify the affordable housing shortage in Greenville.  

According to an independent study, Greenville is almost 2,500 affordable housing units short, and The Greenville Housing Authority had a waitlist of 9,000 low-income families in need of affordable housing in 2016.

Where📍is this money going? (according to TGHA 2016 annual report)
The City of Greenville has an approved budget of $2M (coupled with a potential $1M in philanthropic contributions) and The Greenville Housing Authority has budgeted $81M (over 3 years: 2015-2018) for renovation, new construction, and property acquisition.

🏠 $33M in renovation projects: The Gallery at West Greenville (66 units), Harbor at West Greenville (57 units) Single Family Homes (109 units), Garden Apartments (80 units)

🏠 $47.5M in new construction: Manor at West Greenville (55 units), Heritage at Sliding Rock (60 units), Preserve at Logan Park (113 units), Arcadia Hills Townhomes (16 units), Single Family Homeownership (22 units), Cottages at West Greenville (12 units), Haven at West Greenville (42 units).

🏠 $20K in moderate renovations: Ridgeway Apartments (8 units)

🏠 $500K in acquisitions: Valley Creek (48 units), Charleston Place (40 units)

In case you don’t know where these locations are, here’s a map for your viewing pleasure.

The more you know… (provided by TGHA 2014-2016)

💰 $2,453,030: Applied for and received through Housing Choice Voucher programs and the Resident Opportunities and Self-Sufficiency Grants

👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 3,353: families housed through FSS (family self-sufficiency) and HCV (housing choice voucher) programs

🏚️ Rental Assistance Demonstration Program (a.k.a RAD): is a HUD program allowing the conversion of Public Housing units to Section 8  where the property receives a 15 – 20 year contract for Section 8 Project-Based Housing Assistance. This allows organizations like TGHA to borrow money to fix these places up, and the tenants never pay more than 30% of their income on rent. 446 units will be converted to RAD this year.

High five ✋ to all of the local groups working their tails off in the name of affordable housing:  Affordable Housing Strategy Steering Committee – City of Greenville • Greenville Homeless Alliance • Greenville Re-entry Task Force • Upstate Continuum of Care • Upstate CREIA (Carolina Real Estate Investors Association) • Upstate Greenville Apartment Association • Upstate Homeless Coalition