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6 reasons to care about Direct Primary Care

What is Direct Primary Care, and how is it different from traditional primary care?

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With Direct Primary Care, physicians are able to spend more time with patients.

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Direct Primary Care is having a moment. You’ve probably heard of it, and if you haven’t, it’s worth checking out (or checking in).

Before we dive into the reasons why, let’s do a quick definition: What is Direct Primary Care, and how is it different from traditional primary care?

At its core, Direct Primary Care is just what it sounds like. It’s hassle-free, high-quality primary care. Think: A kind of care that aims to treat the whole patient, rather than simply their symptoms. It’s proactive, in that its goal is whole-person health and well-being.

Wondering what that looks like? Here are six major benefits of Direct Primary Care:

1. Quality

Direct Primary Care at Proactive MD prioritizes health outcomes. Visits are focused, timely, and effective — and when there is a concern, the providers are persistent in getting to the bottom of it and creating a plan toward better health.

2. Wait times

With a model that’s based on quality over volume, wait times are significantly less. Proactive MD’s Health Centers have little to no wait times, so patients can be seen sooner and providers aren’t rushed to get to their next appointment.

3. Visit times

Proactive MD providers dedicate more time to their patients during the visit. Across the country, insufficient time is a major constraint for healthcare providers to deliver high-quality care. While the national average appointment time ranges from 10-15 minutes, Proactive MD’s patients spend 30 minutes or more with their provider.

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Proactive MD provides patients with a coordinated care team for a streamlined experience.

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4. Coordinated care

For chronic and specialty care, Direct Primary Care providers often have a team that manages the referral process, saving patients time and getting them the care they need faster. Proactive MD provides qualified care coordinators to navigate the administrative work (coordinating next steps, follow-ups, second opinions, etc.) so patients always have a healthcare guide by their side.

5. Patient-provider relationships

There’s something special about having a provider who knows and genuinely cares about you. Proactive MD prioritizes knowing the whole patient, because all aspects of health — mental, physical, and social — play a role in optimal and prolonged health, and that’s what Direct Primary Care hopes to achieve.

6. More affordable care

You should never have to compromise care for cost, and with Direct Primary Care, you won’t have to. For a flat monthly fee, patients receive unlimited access to personalized, broad-scope primary care.

Above all, Direct Primary Care is geared toward the patient. At Proactive MD, providers strive to fight for patients’ greatest good and deliver the care they deserve. Learn more about Direct Primary Care.*