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Try This: How to receive care as elite as the Clemson Tigers from Prisma Health physicians

We went behind the scenes of the Clemson Tigers to discover how Prisma Health keeps athletes playing their best.

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Dr. Martin cares for a player recovering from an injury.

Photo by GVLtoday

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City Editor Kyle here. 👋 Would you believe us if we said you could receive the same elite-level medical care as Clemson athletes? I just discovered you can when I toured the Clemson Tiger’s facilities with Orthopedic Sports Medicine Provider Dr. Steven Martin, who is part of the Prisma Health “team behind the team” serving as the Clemson Tigers’ Official Team Physicians. When Dr. Martin and his fellow physicians aren’t tending to athletes on campus, they’re caring for locals like you.

Here’s what I learned about the care Prisma Health physicians provide Clemson athletes to keep them playing their best on the field:

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Dr. Martin has worked with the Clemson Football program for the last eight years.

Photo by GVLtoday

What we tried:

We joined Dr. Martin at Clemson’s Allen Reeves Football Complex for a behind-the-scenes look at what it means to be the team physicians for the Clemson Tigers football program (as well as all Clemson student-athletes). I spoke to Dr. Martin about the care players receive while touring the weight room, practice field, dining area, and the complex’s impressive 100 Yards of Wellness facility.

What not to miss:

The same technology that’s present on the field and in the wellness facility is what you’ll find at Prisma Health, including the x-ray machines and ultrasounds. Dr. Martin + his team, including Dr. Larry Bowman, not only have this technology at their disposal, but they also have a combined 20+ years of experience treating hundreds of sports medicine injuries, from high ankle sprains to ligament tears (think: ACL).

Even with his years of experience, Dr. Martin is always aiming to be the best for his patients: “When I’m on the road, I’ve got my laptop. I’m always studying. I want to be better next year.”

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Dr. Martin + team supports recovery, rehabilitation, and treatment of Clemson’s athletes.

Photo by GVLtoday

What we’re still talking about:

Prisma Health + Dr. Martin and team have experience treating injuries not only sustained by Clemson’s football players, but by all Clemson athletes — including golfers, runners, and soccer playersnot to mention athletes of the Greenville Drive, Greenville Liberty, and South Carolina Gamecocks.

How you can experience this:

You can receive the same level of elite care as National Champions by scheduling an appointment with Dr. Martin or a member of Prisma Health’s team of physicians.

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Get back to running up (or down) that hill with Prisma Health.

Photo by GVLtoday

Things to know if you go:

  • Experience: Try This: How to receive care as elite as the Clemson Tigers
  • Website: PrismaHealth.org/Tigers
  • Address: Locations vary
  • Hours: Hours vary

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Off the field, the weight room is where Clemson athletes stay in shape.

Photo by GVLtoday

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Dr. Martin with his son, a Clemson Soccer team player.

Photo provided by Prisma Health

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You may not have Clemson-branded equipment at your next appointment, but know it will be the same quality.

Photo by GVLtoday

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Dr. Larry Bowman, Dr. Len Reeves + Dr. Steven Martin at the Cotton Bowl.

Photo provided by Prisma Health

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