3 free tools from Prisma Health to boost your health habits

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We all need a little help to stay on track — thankfully, Prisma Health makes getting help easy.

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As most of us know by now, the path to better health isn’t paved with restrictive meals, quick juice cleanses, or mail-order supplements — it starts with healthy habits developed through the dozens of small decisions you make everyday.

Here to give your habits a boost are three free health tools offered by Prisma Health:

Get healthy texts.

For helpful tips + advice that can make a big difference in your health, sign up to receive HealthHack texts. Joining is simple — just text HealthHack to 29179. Bonus: Texts are delivered bi-weekly, so there’s no need to worry about being inundated.

Sign up for workout videos.

Prisma Health’s MoveWell exercise program offers free workout videos that can be done at home or on-the-go. With new workouts added monthly (and reminders delivered to your inbox), MoveWell is designed to make exercising convenient + fun.

Check out the latest in health topics.

Prisma Health has a robust health blog (including podcasts) with topics covering everything from exercise tips to mental health + wellness to nutrition advice and more. In addition to newly published articles, their valuable archive includes:

Ready to build better habits? Learn more + subscribe to their blog, MoveWell videos, or Healthhacks texts.*

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