How to audition for a play in Greenville

We put together some tips and tricks to help you shine on stage. From what monologue to choose, to what outfit to wear, you’ll be a pro in no time.

GVLtoday Centre Stage

All the world’s a stage. | Photo provided by Centre Stage + Taken by Wallace Krebs

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If you’re a theatre lover, Greenville is the city for you. Have you ever wanted to upgrade from an audience member to an actor? In addition to professional theatres in the area, Greenville also has a robust community theatre scene that relies on amateur performers to join their casts — and you’re just an audition away from becoming one of them.

City Editor Stephanie here. I have auditioned for many a play in my day, but have also been on the other side of the casting process. Here are a few tips and tricks to shake those pre-audition jitters and give the best performance you can.

I also borrowed some advice from my friend Molly, who writes for AVLtoday.

Be prepared

Sometimes you register to audition beforehand, but most theatres have open-call auditions that you can pop-in to.

Different theatres have different requirements for auditioning, but it will have that info available somewhere on its website or social media. You might be expected to:

  • Perform a monologue: Memorize a chunk of text and look at the panel while you perform it
  • Cold read: The director or stage manager will give you a script at the audition and have you read with other actors who are auditioning.
  • Sing ~16 bars of a musical theatre song if you’re auditioning for a musical
  • Dance a short choreography combo taught at the audition
GVLtoday Warehouse Theatre

This is what it looks like when a plan comes together. | Photo provided by Warehouse Theatre + Taken by Wallace Krebs

Don’t sweat the spotlight

Once you have everything you need, and the day of the audition has arrived, you’ll fill out an audition form. Pro tip: Make sure you bring a head-shot.

Standing in front of a panel of people can be a frightening experience, but don’t sweat it. They are hoping to cast their respective shows well and are excited you’re auditioning. They’re rooting for you.

Get involved

Auditions in Greenville happen throughout the year. Some theatres do one giant audition for the entire season while others audition play-by-play. Keep your eyes open for social media posts and emails from your favorite theatres.

If you haven’t caught the acting bug just yet, there are plenty of roles “behind-the-scenes.” City Editor Stephanie is happy to rant and rave about technical theatre for as long as you care to listen.

City Editor Stephanie’s “do’s and dont’s”

  • Don’t look directly at the panel when you’re performing monologue. Do pick a spot on the wall behind them that’s right above their heads.
  • Don’t perform a song from the musical you’re auditioning for. Do pick a song that has the same tone.
  • Don’t wear your Sunday best to audition. Do wear something comfortable and easy to move around in.
  • Don’t ask to start over if you mess up. Do keep pushing through.

Break a leg and let us know if this guide helps you land your dream role.