A local GVL gift guide for everyone on your list

Surcee has something for everyone on your list | Photo provided

The holiday season is in full swing — the end of the year will be here before we know it, which means that it’s time to start knocking out your holiday shopping. To give our readers a head start, we’ve rounded up five of the coolest local gifts for anyone on your listeven the folks that are the hardest to shop for.

And we’ve got even more good news: All these gift ideas are available through Surcee, GVL’s very own local online shopping platform. We’ve told you about Surcee before — GVL’s virtual Main St. of goods by local favorite shops + retailers. (Read: If you buy your holiday gifts with Surcee, not only can you browse a curated collection of products, but also support a local biz right here in our own community — we love to see it.) 

Now let’s talk gifts. 👇

Options include basil olive oil and white balsamic vinegar, Tuscan herb olive oil and traditional balsamic vinegar + more. | Photo via Palmetto Olive Oil Co.

For the chef 

Idea: A gift basket from Palmetto Olive Oil Co  

Why we love it: Every home chef knows that using the freshest ingredients matters. A gift basket of Palmetto Olive Oil Co. infused olive oil + balsamic vinegar (hand selected to pair perfectly) is sure to add incredible flavor to their next kitchen creation.  

Bonus: We’ve heard from our readers (that’s you) that this makes an excellent host gift, too.  

Joe is an award-winning travel photographer who loves to capture the beauty of nature | Photo via Joe Hiltabidel

For the art collector 

Idea: A Joe Hiltabidel Photography print 

Why we love it: Nothing says perfect art gift like an original piece of fine art photography. GVL-based photographer Joe Hiltabidel has ten collections of photography available through Surcee that range from nature to minimalism, so there’s something to suit everyone’s taste. Bonus: Joe Hiltabidel prints can also be produced on metal or canvas. 

For the one with a sweet tooth 

Idea: Lumineux Drinking Chocolate 

Why we love it: Dark chocolate is one of life’s greatest treats, and Greenville’s Lumineux Chocolate’s Drinking Chocolate is a fun twist on a classic gift. It’s easy to make (just mix with water or milk), and produced in small, hand-crafted batches — aka guaranteed to be decadent. 

Splash on Main brings together classic + preppy styles | Photo via Splash on Main

For the fashionista 

Idea: A pair of funky pajamas from Splash on Main 

Why we love it: The holidays are *all* about lazy mornings + lounging around — and lounging in style is the way to go. A matching set of pajamas from Splash on Main is a perfect gift for the fashion lover on your list who already has all the trendy stuff.

Finally, a watering can you don’t need to hide in a cabinet | Photo via Diggs Designs

For the plant lover 

Idea: A Diggs Designs watering can 

Why we love it: Surcee merchant Diggs Designs is a GVL go-to for everything from home upgrades to host gifts. This stainless steel watering can is as beautiful as it is functional. Pair with an easy-to-care-for plant (hello pothos) and you’re good to go. 

Got a long list of people to buy gifts for this year? You can browse even more great local gift ideas for everyone on Surcee’s website.*