Love stories in Greenville, SC

Image via Pexels

Today we’re talking love stories, Greenville love stories that is. Y’all were kind enough to share your first date stories, engagement tales, and other scenes that could’ve been plucked straight out of a GVL movie with us, and we’d like to share some of them with you while love is in the air this weekend.

Without further ado, here are ten times that cupid visited Greenville. 💘

You’ve got mail

“Last year our office UPS driver retired, and we got a cute, super nice, young guy. After a few weeks of smiling and small talk, he pulled over while I was walking down Pettigru, gave me his number, and eight months later we got married at Hotel Domestique!” – Crystal S.

Found forever at Furman

“Met my future wife on my first day on campus at Furman, August 1978. We sang in groups for two years, and rarely spoke. In the fall of 1980 we had both broken off long relationships, and to save her from an “accidental date” to the Silver Fox to ride the mechanical bull, I asked her to dinner. We sat on the mezzanine level at the Stone Ave. Capri’s, and shared our sad love stories. Within two weeks we were talking about marriage, and this August we’ll celebrate our 40th anniversary.  We live back in Greenville after being gone for 27 years and love it here.” – Kevin B. 

A heart-felt home run

“Our first date was at a Drive game in July – it was so hot I remember thinking, ‘I’ll never hear from him again after all this sweat and my frizzy hair!’ We sat on the hill and talked the whole night! Two years later, on a weirdly cold night (thanks SC weather), he surprised me by proposing at a Drive game, on the hill where we had our first date. The Greenville Drive games will always hold a special place in my heart, and every time we go to one, I get butterflies all over again!” – Rachel C.

An impulsive proposal

“Back in ’82, during an afternoon hike along Brissey Ridge at Paris Mountain State Park, I proposed, impulsively, to my then girlfriend Alison. It was such an impetuous act that I didn’t even have an engagement ring ready for the moment. She still said ‘yes.’ When I realized my oversight about the engagement ring I asked her to wait a week before telling anyone. She agreed. I scrounged up $2500 and bought her a diamond from Zales at Haywood Mall. She still wears it to this day, and I still love her as much as the day I proposed.” – Phillip L.

Romance in Cleveland Park

“Think Jim’s proposal to Pam in The Office…We met at USC freshman year in a friend’s dorm room. Nothing more than just friends but reconnected nine years later at Avenue at my best friend’s wedding. Long distance relationship for two years. Convinced her to move to Greenville. Planned an ‘engagement celebration’ party in downtown Greenville but stressed over how to pop the question. We took our dogs on a walk in Cleveland Park. Ring in pocket but had no idea where to do it. We got to the plane and it started pouring rain. That had to be the moment, right?! Asked her to be my wife right then and there – soaking wet.” – Bo W.

As Greenville as it gets

“Our story is a Greenville love story through and through. Anita and I went to high school and college together, but only connected in college. Our first date was at one of the metal tables outside the Hyatt by Main Street. We shared BOGO Starbucks coffee (it’s good to show a potential partner you can be economical), and enjoyed the beautiful fall day by the water feature outside Roost. I remember all those details now, but at the time, all I could see or hear was her.  One of our most memorable dates was a food tour where we enjoyed delicious small plates from five of the Table 301 restaurants and learned a good bit about the history of Greenville along the way. Do you know Paris Mountain is named after “Richard Pearis,” one of the first settlers of the area, and not the city of lights? Fast forward a few years, and I’m on one knee in front of the beautiful Medusa tree (she loves trees), praying she puts aside reason and says ‘yes’ to marrying me. We are set to be married in just 38 short days at Edinburgh West in Taylors. After that, we’ll be doing the most GVL thing you can do and moving into an apartment on the Swamp Rabbit Trail. I’m thankful for her and this great city we call home!” – Benjamin P.

Connolly’s is the place to find love

“My now-husband and I have the quintessential Greenville love story. We met at Connolly’s Irish Pub, then one of our first dates was a Main Street Friday, and we got engaged and later married at the Rock Quarry Garden. I moved here in 2008 expecting to just pass through, but because of him,I’m still here 13 years later and I couldn’t be happier about that.” – Kristen J.

Supporting local in love

“I met my boyfriend initially playing volleyball at the Pavillion Complex in 2017, re-introduced myself a few months later at a wedding we were both guests at, at the Poinsett Hotel. A few months later caught back up at the BBQ event that was held in the parking lot of Grills Marks. Would see him from time to time at Connolly’s always either coming or going. Finally at the beginning of 2018, I was working a wedding at the Poinsett Club that he was a guest at, and he asked me on a date a few days later, and we went to Stone Pin for bowling and pool. Still together, supporting all the local businesses we can right now! Our 1st year anniversary we celebrated at Larkin’s on the River, the 2nd year anniversary was at Soby’s. Can’t wait for the 3rd year anniversary spot!” – A. Sweeting

No raining on this parade

“My fiancé and I had our second date at Table Rock State Park, where we got caught in a torrential downpour coming down the mountain! Luckily, he’d packed ponchos…that only reached to barely above our knees. We happily drove, sopping wet, to Universal Joint, where I got nervous and infamously ordered their black bean burger with NO TOPPINGS (who does that?!). Despite the mishaps, we had a fabulous time, so a short two weeks and a couple of dates later, we met at UP on the Roof one Saturday night and decided to make it official with downtown Greenville as our backdrop…it’s now almost two years later, and we’re getting married in April!” – Natalie S.

Not like the rest

“I met my husband at Barley’s Taproom on a cold November evening. I was really burnt out on dating and was sure this guy was going to be just like every other playboy I’d met, who was only looking for something casual. I figured I’d let him buy me a drink, and we’d go our separate ways. But I quickly realized Jamie was someone very different. He looked into my eyes as we sat across from each other, and it felt like he knew everything I was going to say. I told him every bad thing I could think to say about myself, and he just shrugged and smiled. After that date, we deleted our various dating apps and became official. We haven’t spent a day apart since. It was love at first sight. About eight months after that first date, Jamie took me back to Barleys and proposed! We were married in September 2020. Greenville will always be my favorite place in the world because it led me to my favorite person in the world.” – Haley G.