Insider’s Guide to Reedy Reels

Photo credit: Pexels

Sundance, Cannes, and Tribeca. Now, Greenville has a film festival of it’s own. This weekend is 3rd annual Countybank Reedy Reels Film Festival at the Peace Center’s Gunter Theatre. With 37 films, all created by local independent filmmakers there is something for everyone – some are heartwarming, some are heartbreaking, all of them will make you think.

Here are a few films we are looking forward to seeing:

📽️ Reconstructing Hawthorne (26 min.) – Find out the story of Hawthorne, which was once a small community in Aiken County, S.C. but the residents were forced out during the construction of the Savannah River Site in 1950.

📽️ Tinker (96 minutes) – A recluse farmer discovers his late father’s hidden journal that contains plans to build an electro-magnetic machine with technology uncovered from Nikola Tesla’s research.

📽️ We Were Just There (8 minutes) – Set in the streets of Paris, this film was shot in real time, showing an improvised scene of a couple’s final goodbye.

See the full schedule here.

P.S. Check out “Behind the Scenes/Digital Effects” workshop at 4:30 p.m. on Sunday with Geoffrey Gunn, an award-winning screenwriter and director from Toronto (now living here in Greenville), or any of the other awesome workshops to tap into your artsy side.