How to navigate GVLtoday’s events page

From adding events to GVLtoday’s calendar to making plans for the week in Greenville, SC, here are pro tips to navigating our events page.

Image of downtown Greenville, SC

Adding and finding events is like a walk in the park. | Photo via @james_simpson_photography

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You may be familiar with the events section of our newsletter — but what about our website?

Make the most of our comprehensive events calendar with these pro tips for navigating our site like a true local.

Add your own event

  • Green calendar icon: Click or tap this button, create a login, and input your event information. We need:

    • Event name
    • URL to event page (if applicable)
    • Date(s)
    • Time(s)
    • Location: Venue name and address
    • Price
    • Brief description
    • Image: You can upload your own (think: event flyer) or select an option based on the categories chosen. You can add enhanced media — multiple images, logos, and videos — by paying to promoting your event.

Want to ensure your event is featured for our 60,000+ readers? Review our promotional offerings before clicking “submit.”

Event search tools

Find these below the “Featured Events” section near the top.

  • Magnifying glass icon: Search keywords to find event categories or search events by name.
  • “All Events” drop-down (desktop): Search for virtual events or “Editor Picks.”
  • Descending list icon (desktop): Search by time, popularity, or alphabetically.
  • Bullet list icon: Change the format from lists, to paragraphs, to tiles.
  • Additional tools: Date, location, radius
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