Where to get free trees in Greenville, SC

Local organizaitons are helping put the green in Greenville by giving away trees to local residents.


DYK Falls Park is one of SC’s most famous urban forests? | Photo by @james_simpson_photography

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The City and local organizations are putting the green in Greenville by raising public awareness about the benefits of planting trees — including hosting giveaways (you read that right... keep reading for free trees) — to encourage you to plant trees on your property.

According to the SC Forestry Commission, urban forestry (read: planting trees in cities) can help offset air pollution and increase health benefits for residents.

What kind of tree should I plant?

Before you plant, the City of Greenville recommends making sure the tree is going to meet your goals:

  1. Research: Make sure the type of tree is compatible with your wants and needs.
  2. Moisture: Check the drainage pattern of the planting site.
  3. Light: Determine how many hours of direct sunlight the planting site receives.
  4. Space: Consider the amount of space available, both above and around, the planting site.
  5. Temperature: Choose trees that are appropriate for your Hardiness Zone.

Where can I get free trees?

To date, TreesUpstate has given away 21,000+ trees, and will give away 3,000 in and around Greenville this spring.

Pro tip: Get there early. Trees are first-come, first-served and they will run out.

Saturday, April 1

  • Simpsonville Public Works, 110 Woodside Park Dr., Simpsonville | Saturday, April 1 | 9-11 a.m.
  • Bonus: Greenville City Hall, 206 S. Main St., Greenville | Saturday, April 1 | 11 a.m.-5 p.m. | #PlantGVL is hosting its own tree giveaway at the iMAGINE Upstate festival

Saturday, April 8

  • Tyger River Park | 179 Dillard Rd., Duncan | Saturday, April 8 | 9-11 a.m.

Saturday, April 22

  • Flying Rabbit Adventures | 821 Laurens Rd., Greenville | Saturday, April 22 | 9-11 a.m.

Saturday, April 29

  • Downtown Inman | 7 Bishop St., Inman | Saturday, April 29 | 9-11 a.m.

Saturday, May 5

  • Duke World of Energy | 7812 Rochester Hwy., Seneca | Saturday, May 6 | 9-11 a.m.