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Get horse racing thrills + stylish frills at this exciting weekend event

We’ve got details on the 76th annual Tryon Block House Steeplechase — and it’s chock-full of fun traditions and crowd-pleasing activities.

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Fill the car with up to six people — tickets for this fun equestrian event are per car, not per person.

Photo provided by Tryon International Equestrian Center

Break out your fancy hats and flashy pants, and get ready for an exciting day of horse races — tailgate style.

The 76th annual Tryon Block House Steeplechase returns Saturday, April 13, carrying on a local tradition of cheering from the sidelines while dressing it up + enjoying a classy tailgate. (Psst: For you non-tailgaters, crowds in the stands have fun dressing up, too.)

Not to forget the thrill of the horse races, the event welcomes horses and jockeys from around the US to compete in five, world-class “steeplechase” races at the beautiful Green Creek Race Course in Columbus, NC.

The day includes a host of additional activities starting at 10 a.m., including:

  • Food + local vendors
  • Beer garden
  • Kids Zone
  • Parade of the Hounds
  • Fancy Hats & Crazy Pants contests

Tickets are sold by the carload — meaning one ticket is good for up to six people (so bring the fam or grab some friends).

Snag tix (they’re selling quick)