Black Poetry Day with mOody bLaCk

Local poet mOody bLaCk | Photo provided by mOody bLaCk
Local poet mOody bLaCk | Photo provided by mOody bLaCk

Tomorrow is Black Poetry Day, and to celebrate, we wanted to highlight local poet and hip-hop + visual artist, mOody bLaCk. mOody is from Spartanburg + has lived in South Carolina his entire life. 

He is a passionate poet + has been writing poetry since he was 12 years old. He really got serious about his writing in the late 90’s and participated in his first poetry slam in the early aughts. He has been a full time poet for five years + has traveled all over the country. 

mOody bLaCk was kind enough to write a poem about Greenville, called Emerald City, for us to share with you today. 

Emerald City

The emerald – gemstone of healing

It is known to bring loyalty, bliss, love, unity, and promotes friendship

And Greenville, South Carolina…

Well, we sometimes call it  “The Emerald City” 

Not too “metropolis”

Not too “small town”

It is a melting pot of “just right”

Even though we may “tug of war” with politics

At dinner time we are polite

We are yes sir, yes ma’am

A friendly nod

A smiling face

Not too much of a fast pace

cause we “cool stride” down the “vein” of main street

With a southern charm and a gentle breeze in the “Artisphere”

Which makes it so easy to “Fall for Greenville”

We glisten like the sun peaking over Paris Mountain

We shimmer like we’re dancing on the Reedy River

Sparkle like a chandelier hanging in the dining room in a house in Chanticleer

It is clear that we are a community of gems

a gorgeous poem of imperfection

A pastel painting of growth

A ballet of brilliance

And the sky line is the limit

And we are alive

Thriving in it

In all of its emerald splendor