Releasing your inner beast

Beast Mode YMCA, workout

You might be familiar with Beast from the X-Men – but what exactly is Beast Mode?

Beast Mode is a high-intensity strength and endurance training class (not to be confused with Marshawn Lynch) that you can participate in (as a part of your membership) at your local YMCA. A variety of exercises, like sprints, Olympic weightlifting + box jumps, are thrown in the mix to keep things interesting. 💪

Bringing out your inner beast might make you a little competitive, and you’re in luck: each year, the YMCA of Greenville hosts the Beast Mode Games.

The Beast Mode Games began in 2014 + feature both male and female athletes competing solo or as teams in highly skilled courses.  Competitors typically condition for about 3 months to prepare for the competition – one that it has been said is a painful kind of fun. We’ve seen them in action, and we would need 3 months to recover.

The games, created by the YMCA of Greenville, have now become known across the country. This past year saw more than 200 competitors from 10 states sign up to test their inner beast and compete for a pretty sick trophy + money. Of course, the ultimate prize is walking away with a strong mental state and endurance…  but cash money is always an added bonus.

Interested in following the games or signing up for next year? (It’s open to the public.) Follow their Facebook page for updates and videos that’ll make you wanna hit the gym.