The conversations you want to have this year

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Happy New Year, GVL. 🎉

We are so grateful to kick off this new year with you + for all of the possibilities 2021 holds. This year, a song by a local musician you’ve never heard before might become your new favorite, a really great restaurant might open right down the street from your place, and that new building you’ve been watching come together for months + months could finally open to the public.

Greenville | Photo by @vanzeppelinaerial

As we prepare for a promising new year, we want to know what you want to read about each morning.

Are you trying to find out if your favorite festival is returning this year, or wondering about an upcoming development in town? Do you want to know where to get the best breakfast bagel? Is there a piece of Greenville history you’ve always wanted to know about? What news gets you excited about opening our newsletter each morning

The things you asked us last year were some of our favorite stories to cover. From what our City Council is focusing on to the history of the Swamp Rabbit, we had a blast answering your questions + learning more about our amazing city. 

This year, to celebrate 2021, we thought we’d answer 21 of your questions. So share your questions here and stay tuned as we work to cover what you’re curious about + find some answers.



  1. “The best of specific foods in Greenville – mac and cheese, gyros, etc.” –Allysa Z.
  2. “[Are there any plans for] Poinsett Highway from Cherrydale to downtown GVL?” –Ellie M.
  3. “New condos and townhomes” –Barbara Y. 
  4. “Unity park updates!” –Barbara Y. 
  5. “Trolly stops” –Barbara Y. 
  6. “I would love to hear from the voices of nonprofit leaders from our community.” –Sky B.
  7. “An updated list of popular happy hours in downtown Greenville and surrounding areas.” –Leah F.
  8. “I would love for locals to tell why their town is the best place to live.” –Diane M.
  9. “How we can collectively organize as a community to reinstitute glass recycling?” –Shari B. 
  10. “How could we become a medium size city with free and innovative public transportation?” –John S. 
  11. “What Streets or Roads will be paved this year?” –George S. 
  12. “History, accomplishments, and importance to the community of The Greenville Symphony, The Greenville Chorale,The International Ballet, The Rivertree Singers, The Bob Jones University arts series, and The Furman University arts series.” –Judy E. 
  13. “Incoming business and new developments” –Kristi M. 
  14. “Kid friendly outdoor fun” –Kristie W.
  15. “Notifications of eligibility and sites for receiving the [COVID-19] vaccine.” –Mary Ann H. 
  16. “Will Greenville be adding more bike lanes to local roadways? Will Greenville be adding more sidewalks to our urban neighborhoods?” –Maura C. 
  17. “When did the revitalization of Main Street begin?” –Sherry S.
  18. “I’d love to see something on different wedding venues in the area, both big and small, traditional and different.” –Marissa H.
  19.  “I want to know about new dog parks and smaller public parks.” –Shari T.
  20. “Why is Church Street elevated as you near the downtown area?” –Diane M.
  21. “Detailed history of local textile mills (e.g. Batesville mill).” –Tom T.