Things to be thankful for in Greenville, SC

Happy Thanksgiving, GVL. 🦃

Today, we’re taking some time to reflect on all of the things we have to be thankful for. You, our readers, are at the top of our list. We’re grateful for the chance to wake up every day + talk about this wonderful city with you.

Last week, we asked what about our city you’re thankful for this year. To celebrate Turkey Day, we wanted to share some of your answers.

“Thankful that people supported our many small businesses during COVID-19 and enabled so many to keep the doors open. Thankful that most city residents quietly do their part every day to stop the spread by wearing masks and social distancing…without rancor or division. Thankful that even when thousands came to our downtown to express their social and political views they did so peacefully…without a single broken window! And thankful for our law enforcement officers for showing true professionalism and empathy as they keep the peace.” – Mayor Knox White

“GVLtoday! For keeping us informed while we hibernate!” – Sherry S.

“The creativity of our small businesses during this time, and all of lovely open-air areas” – @esthergracehall

“The opening of Belladinas pizzeria, a real Italian pizza done by Italians.” – Joe NC.

“Grateful I was able to travel there for Euphoria!!” – @kristineskorner

“The attention and help city and county governments have given to the Greenville business community, especially smaller independent ones.” – @greenvillearmystore

“Our amazing small businesses and local restaurants” – @caroleabumoussa

“Greenville has grown into one of the most beautiful, hospitable, and walkable cities in the South.” – @josh.king987

“God’s beauty and majesty at The Blue Wall Passage @ Lake Lanier.  Thankful you introduced me to this new piece of the Palmetto Trail in your newsletter, my family loves it!!” – Eric C.

“@passerellebistro, @thevillagegrind, @sc_bakeroom, @swamprabbitcafe, to name but a few. The “green” though is what makes our little city so lovely, so: Falls Park, SRT, Quarry Garden, Cancer Survivors…😍 – @therealsomesie

“Our friends at @poinsettclub1935 ❤️” – @flynniemckinney

“@dodsondigco for sure! Such amazing finds and a unique local small business! Whatever it is shop local @dodsondigco” – @catnatdod

“Life itself!” – Cheryl C. 

And finally, here’s what we’re thankful for. Grace is thankful for her newly adopted dog, Annie, and Ana is thankful for the GVL Love Project completed with Sunny Mullarkey. Most importantly, we’re thankful for each and every one of you. 💚

Thank you for starting your day with us + Happy Thanksgiving. 🦃