How Meals on Wheels of Greenville changes 1,500 local lives each day

Laura Woodside at the Meals on Wheels of Greenville office
Laura at the Meals on Wheels of Greenville office | Photo provided

1,500. That’s the number of homebound individuals in Greenville County Meals on Wheels of Greenville delivers a hot meal to every day. 

But the charitable organization, which started in The Upstate in 1968, delivers more than meals and groceries – it also delivers smiles + friendly interactions to those who can’t go out into the community (especially now). 

If quarantine has taught us anything, it’s that connection is more important than ever. For those without families close by, in their older years, or who are immunocompromised, it’s tough to have meaningful interactions. Enter: Meals on Wheels of Greenville volunteers, who serve meals and develop personal connections with clients on the daily.

Laura Woodside is one of those volunteers who knows the reach of Meals on Wheels first hand. In 2016, while she was a full-time student at Furman University, she began delivering meals twice a month. She quickly found a personal connection with one client, Mrs. Jessica*, whose son went to school with Laura’s dad. The pair discussed her family, cat and even exchanged Christmas cards.

Now a busy young professional in the Greenville area, Laura is still involved with the organization and is a part of the Meals on Wheels of Greenville Young Professionals group, which gives young people an opportunity to volunteer, develop their leadership skills + socialize with other YPs. To join and advocate for MoW’s mission, learn more here or email [email protected]

*Name changed to protect identity.