Unique fitness experiences in Greenville, SC

Cheers to joyful movement. | Photo by GVLtoday

Who else’s New Year’s resolutions include being more active? ✋ If you’re already feeling discouraged because you hate running and aren’t into weightlifting, there’s good news: You don’t have to become a runner or start doing deadlifts to be more active in 2022. 

The key is finding movement you enjoy, and Greenville is full of unique fitness studios and fun classes that encourage exercise without feeling like you’re just doing a regular workout.

If this sounds like something for you, here are just a few places around town where you can get your sweat on and have fun doing it:

We have no shortage of yoga studios in Greenville. Between Soul Yoga, Indigo Flow & Art, Southern Om Hot Yoga, Greenville Yoga, 90 Degrees Yoga at Yatra Centeryou get the picture. There’s a class for everyone.

Rock climbing is fun, and if you’ve never tried it before, definitely a workout. BlocHaven has different membership options and the climbing gym is now offering BlocFit fitness classes.

Two words — suspension training. Not too long ago we got to try the TRX Suspension Training group exercise class at the YMCA, and it’s definitely not your regular strength training class. Check out our experience.

Another great workout (and potential form of therapy) is kickboxing. Your first one-on-one session at 9Round Fitness is free. 

If you like the idea of working up a sweat while dancing, try a class at the Jazzercise Taylors Fitness Center

Let’s not forget a great form of cardio that’s also (usually) free — hiking. Be sure to check out our hiking guide for some Carolina hikes.