#TryThis: Coworking at Endeavor

Endeavor coworking space
Some of the coworking spaces at Endeavor | Photo by the GVLtoday team

While our team enjoyed the #WorkFromHome life for the past few months – getting to work in sweatpants, small breaks to play with the cat, and the peace + quiet – we have to admit we miss being in an office setting and being around…you know, other people.

To help us ease back into office life, we spent a day coworking at Endeavor. Here’s how it went and how you can #TryThis.


Coworking at Endeavor 

What we tried (with pricing): 

We spent the Thursday of our first week back to the office at Endeavor with a Day Pass ($25) – one of Endeavor’s membership options. We truly tried to take advantage of everything they have to offer in the downtown coworking space (which is a lot)

We checked out everything from their private desks to the corner office (see Grace really enjoy spinning around in her corner office chair on our Instagram Story). BTW, this coveted corner office is currently open for a team of 5-7 people. 👀

corner office view at Endeavor
The view from the coveted corner office, now available | Provided by Endeavor

Even though it’s tempting to want to pick up food from any of Main Street’s great local spots, a short elevator ride + walk away, Endeavor has a great kitchen, plus unlimited coffee. What’s better than unlimited coffee? 

Other amenities? A gym + showers, meeting rooms, high-speed wifi, and more

For those of you worried about safety because of COVID-19, Endeavor has taken plenty of precautions to keep the space clean + safe for guests. 

COVID-19 safety precautions sign at Endeavor
Added safety precautions at Endeavor

Don’t miss:

The bright, colorful, lively space inside, and the amazing downtown views outside. It’s impossible to feel bored or uninspired while working at Endeavor.

And DYK? The lobby ceiling is covered in pennies. That’s because the space was originally designed + built for CertusBank. We asked our Instagram followers to guess how many pennies, exactly, and of course, one of you pulled through. Andrew E. was a builder on the project and said the ceiling area is ~1,000 sqft. with 154 pennies per square foot, so 154,000 pennies – or $1,540. 💰

Pennies on the ceiling at Endeavor
Pennies on the ceiling at Endeavor

What we’re still talking about: 

The world’s cutest coworker – Caper the Corgi. Nothing is better than showing up to work and being greeted by this adorable pup. 

Caper the Corgi, Endeavor’s office dog
Caper the Corgi, Endeavor’s office dog

Pro-tip: Caper makes regular appearances on Endeavor’s Instagram (@endeavorgreenville).

See the rest of our visit – including some prime Dolly Parton inspiration – on our #TryThis Instagram highlight.

How you can experience this: 

If you’re feeling stir crazy in your home office and want to experience Endeavor ASAP, you can buy a Day Pass for just $25. Bonus: 10-packs of Day Passes are currently 10% off. 

For more options, you can check out Endeavor’s website to see all their membership levels. Membership comes with a ton of amenities, plus perks like free access to member-led workshops, social gatherings, professional development events like the popular Collaborators & Cocktails series + more.

Things to know if you go: