The West End Small Area Plan Draft

The West End Small Area Plan draft | Rendering by Urban Design Associates

The West End Small Area Plan draft has been released + will be presented to the Planning Commission for review in October. The Small Area Plan — which you may see referred to as “SAP” on the city’s website — fits within the objectives of the GVL2040 comprehensive plan

What’s in the draft? The plan centers on making streets safe + comfortable for pedestrians and bikes, while building on and maintaining the character of the West End. Let’s break it down: 

Key elements of the plan draft:

  • Infrastructure improvement strategies
  • Specific character vision for 6 unique precincts
  • Building, design, and signage recommendations
  • Open space improvement strategies

There are 3 objectives of the plan:

  • Integrate new developments + infrastructure into existing neighborhood patterns
  • Keep streets safe, link neighborhoods together, and enhance the quality of life by focusing on neighborhood access and circulation patterns
  • Identify opportunities to create parks, trails, and improved bike + pedestrian connections to area parks and nearby neighborhoods. 

The Small Area Plan for the West End has a vision for a walkable, cohesive district + accommodating new developments that respond to existing patterns and scale, while responding to the priorities outlined in GVL2040 + the ongoing urbanization of greater downtown Greenville. 

What’s next?
The next steps for the plan are to improve walkability, connectivity, and building-to-building transitions, as well as incorporating additional public spaces + conserving neighborhood character.

You can check out the full, 67-page document here before giving your feedback by clicking below. The survey takes about 5 minutes to complete.