The 2017, 🔥 and 💩 Architectural Design Awards | Greenville, SC


We asked, you answered. The results of our first Downtown Greenville Architectural design survey are in. Here’s what you thought were the best (🔥) and worst (💩) building designs in town.

1st Place 🔥: Falls Park Place | Architect: Kevin Culhan Architect, LLC | Rating 3.98

Provided by Carver Digital

2nd Place 🔥: District West Apartments | Architect: Niles Bolton Associates | Rating 3.84

Provided by Greenville Journal

3rd Place 🔥: The One Building | Architect: 4240 Architecture | Rating 3.80

Provided by DXMarketing

4th Place🔥: Flats at River Place | Architect: Croft Architecture/Cooper Carry | Rating 3.60

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5th Place🔥: The (new) Erwin Penland buidling | Architect: Gensler | Rating 3.56

Provided by Upstate Business Journal

6th Place🔥: 400 Rhett St. Apartments | Architect: Narmour Wright Architecture | Rating 3.01

Provided by Google Maps

7th Place 💩: McBee Station | Architect: McMillan Pazdan Smith | Rating 2.99

Provided by Google Maps

8th Place 💩: RiversEDGE Apartments | Architect: Johnston Design Group | Rating 2.88

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9th Place 💩: Ellison on Broad | Architect: Housing Studio | Rating 2.84

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10th Place 💩: Greenville News | Architect: Wakefield, Beasley and Associates | Rating 2.61

11th Place 💩: The Link Apartments | Architect: BB + M Architecture | Rating 2.58

Provided by Greenville Journal

12th Place 💩: Main and Stone | Architect: McMillian Pazdan Smith | Rating 2.55

Provided by Google Maps

You’ve seen the best and the worst of Greenville’s architectural design (based on our survey results), now we’d like to open up the dialogue.

Do you think a downtown that looks cohesive with similar architecture is better? (Think a College Campus) Or do you like diversity in design?

Do you prefer buildings with glass, brick or a mix of both?

What did or didn’t you like most about your favorite and least favorite buildings?

Would you rather a building be funky or play it safe?

Be sure to drop us a comment below with your thoughts.