SOCIETY: Sandwich Bar and Social Club

SOCIETY: Sandwich Bar and Social Club | Photo provided by SOCIETY

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What do you think of when you think of Coffee Street?

Coffee Underground, Ristorante Bergamo, Ink N Ivy, Vic’s (We’ll miss you.), Brown Street, the list goes on and on for such a small road, and, today, we’d like to introduce a new spot #ComingSoon to the mix.

Enter SOCIETY: Sandwich Bar and Social Club. “A society is the mother-umbrella of cultures. We the people of all parts of the earth. The people of all races, religions, and beliefs make up society…We want our guests to have the ability to come grab a bite to eat, to taste and explore new and old flavors. To share in a few drinks, and have a social setting that truly feels like home.”  

Neon sign for SOCIETY
It’s going to be *lit* at SOCIETY | Photo provided by SOCIETY

Opening at 18 E. Coffee St. in March or April of this year, SOCIETY promises two floors, two bars, serving unique, craft cocktails, 16 different á la carte pressed sandwiches, and, wait for it build your own ramen bowls. If that address sounds familiar, you might have been a regular at Charlie’s Steakhouse. This year, Charlie’s would have been celebrating 100 years of businessthey were at this location on Coffee Street from 1933 to 2014 – and SOCIETY will honor Charlie’s legacy with a special menu item.

Also, in a nod to this former Greenville staple and Diner 24, which was briefly open in the space in 2017, SOCIETY will feature red, white, and black decor and an industrial, art deco vibe. 

Painting SOCIETY logo on the wall at the new SOCIETY location
Progress being made at SOCIETY | Photo provided by SOCIETY

Jeremy Krauze, owner of White Rabbit Supply Co. + mastermind behind this new restaurant concept, says Chef Chris Rosensteel, owner of a local catering company called Uptown Company + winner of quite a few Iron Chef competitions, will be serving up both healthy and decadent options showcasing unique, collective flavors in the 3,500 sqft space. 

One of two bars at SOCIETY | Photo provided by SOCIETY
One of two bars at SOCIETY | Photo provided by SOCIETY

The restaurant will be open seven days a week from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. in the beginning (and serving food into the wee hours of the morning when we can do that sort of thing again). So, be sure to follow them on Instagram for future events + updates, and get ready to enjoy a sandwich, or two or three, and a spiked glass bottled soda.🥪