How Greenville, SC would spend a snow day ❄️

Walking in a winter wonderland, Greenville-style. | Photo by @sunnymalarkeystudios

It’s looking like we’ll see the first snowfall of the season in Greenville this weekend. Remember last February’s dusting?

A snow-filled dream | Photo by @vanzepplinaerial

We might be in for a little more than just a dusting, though, with a winter storm likely bringing nearly 4in. of snow (and possibly freezing rain and sleet, too) on Saturday night and through Sunday night.

We don’t want to get ahead of ourselves because, after all, snow in the South is not always a reality, but we’re already dreaming up the perfect snow day. Earlier this week, we took to our social channels to ask the question: how would you spend a snow day in Greenville?

Here were some of our favorite responses

🤍 ❄️ snow! find me sledding down my driveway with my adult kids and grandson! 🛷 ❄️— @letoiledunord1858

“Bundle up and walk in the snow to the nearest park. Watch as my dog jumps and eats the snow in confusion.” — @laeklily

“Taking a nature walk — everything looks so magical sprinkled with white!” — @makegvlgreener

“A cozy cup of coffee from @staymodal by the fire, snow angels outside and then a to-go pizza from @eatgbnd @nycfoodiefinder

“Grabbing my sled & having my Siberian Huskies drag me around the neighborhood! 🐾❄️ — @wilsoncsmith

“Snow Angels, Ramen and Tequila shotssss. 😍 — @societygvl

“Café con leche by the fireplace, hiking and going to see a white downtown!” — @positivelyjorge

“Reading a book from M. Judson and drinking a glass of Wine from the Tasting Room on my couch!” — @credituniongal

If we do get a snow day, make sure to share your photos with us by tagging @gvltoday or sending them here. Maybe we’ll surprise one lucky reader and follower with some merch from the 6AM Shop

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