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Remote Year is coming to Greenville, SC

Aerial shot of downtown Greenville // Chris Brank Films

Have you heard of Remote Year?

According to their website,Remote Year curates work and travel programs for professionals to see the world without having to quit their jobs.” So, if you have the option to work remotely and want the chance to live in a different city for just a short period of time, Remote Year may be a great program for you to try out. You can click the link here to check out their different program offerings.

So, what does that have to do with Greenville?

Well, Remote Year is coming to Greenville this fall.

The program runs from August 2-29, and August 30-September 26 + fees for the program total out to $2,850. Click the link here to check out more details. Pssst. Know someone you’ve been trying to convince to move to Greenville? This is a perfect way for them to test it out. Be sure to forward them this email.

Already living in Greenville but think this concept sounds awesome? They’re also looking for applicants for their New Orleans program. Haven’t *beignet*? More info on that here.

With Remote Year coming to Greenville, that means they’re looking to hire a City Manager, so if you love Greenville as much as we do and are interested, click the link here to read more about the position and apply.

Forward this email to someone you think would be perfect for the job. 👇