Where dessert meets science experiment

liquid nitrogen ice cream greenville sc
Photo by @steamcoffeecream

87% of Americans have ice cream in their freezer at any given time. 🍦But you know what kind of treat definitely *isn’t* in your freezer? Nitrogen ice cream.

Tasteless, colorless, odorless and completely safe to consume nitrogen gets to about -320°F (for reference, your freezer is ~0°) before it’s used to freeze a cream base and any add-ins. The ice cream is made fresh to order and needs less added fat + preservatives, so your cone could be as simple as milk, cream, and fresh strawberries.

It’s still got the classic silky-smooth ice cream texture thanks to a quick freezing process, which keeps air bubbles + ice crystals from forming.

Curious? Here’s where you can try it for yourself:

🍦Roll Creamery | 6243 White Horse Road | The first to introduce this chilled trend to GVL when they opened at the end of last year. Their original style was rolled ice cream (which they still do) but their liquid nitrogen ice cream has been catching on. Check out their Facebook for a look behind the counter at the ice cream making process.  

🍦Steam Coffee & Cream | 113 A South Main St., Fountain Inn | A family-owned coffee and sweets cafe in one of the area’s cutest downtowns is a cozy stop on your search for house-made gourmet nitrogen ice cream in flavors like white mocha raspberry.

🍦Carol’s Ice Cream | 1260 Pendleton St. | A nitro ice cream shop that’s just opened in the former Mutual Home Store beside the new location of the Village Grind. Named after the owners of GB&D + the Village Grind’s grandma Carol, Carol’s is taking the nostalgia behind ice cream and pairing it with mad-scientist liquid nitrogen.

If you catch the liquid nitrogen bug, you can try liquid nitrogen-dipped cereal at Dragon’s Breath in Haywood Mall (a stand outside Macy’s on the first floor) or even order a whole liquid nitrogen sundae bar from Good Life Catering.