Meet “Generation Snack”

Meredith Rigdon

Meet Meredith, our #realGVLMom. Follow along as she shares the “beautiful mess that is life in Greenville with kids, as a working professional, community volunteer, aspiring triathlete and human being seeking balance + sanity.” 

“Most Moms I know experience a daily frustration, one I’m claiming today as “Generation Snack”: Any child who loses his or her mind when you mention the prospect of a seated meal.

The kids of Generation Snack exist on 28 portions of food, periodically consumed throughout the day.  Mom and Dad want to sit down for a home cooked meal?  Generation Snack siblings bind together and protest loudly from the couch, demanding cheese crackers in a bowl and apple juice with one ice cube.

Today, I give in. Today, I acknowledge the quality of my kids’ childhood will not depend upon my ability to bring them to the table for a seated meal.

Let’s embrace Generation Snack and the gift of time they’ve given us in the kitchen. Maybe, just maybe, it will make those rare Martha Stewart meal moments we can create even more memorable.”