Five gift ideas from Lowes Foods (that won’t break the bank)

Cheer Boxes can be shipped nationwide | Photo provided by Lowes Foods

Imagine this: You’re on your way to a holiday party, and all of a sudden you realize: You forgot to get a gift. We’ve all been there

Fortunately, fixing it can be as easy as heading to your nearest Lowes Foods and grabbing one of these tried-and-true gifts for your host, mom, or BFF — no one will be the wiser. 

Cheer boxes 

Think: A curated box filled with locally-made goodies from the Carolinas (aka perfect for your out-of-town friends + family). Our personal fave is the SC/NC combo box with Dewey’s Bakery cookies, saltwater taffy + more. 

Pro Tip: You can order Cheer Boxes in bulk via email for an easy workplace gift solution. 📧 

Hoppy holidays mix + match 6 packs 

Think: Perfect for dads + grand-dads. Head to the Beer Den, build a custom six pack with mix + match beers (bonus points if they’re holiday themed) and you’re good to go.

If holiday flavors aren’t your thing, there are other non-seasonal spice blend options, too | Photo provided by Lowes Foods

Spice bazaar boxes 

Think: A kit of four hand-selected, high-quality spices that are guaranteed to kick your holiday cooking up a notch. Sweet options include Apple Pie Spice, Pumpkin Pie Spice + Spiced Cider Mix. For savory fans, there’s Adobo Spice and Cranberry Turkey Brine (perfect to combine with this Thanksgiving turkey recipe.

Engraved Palla growler 

Think: Palla growlers are 64 oz. growlers that beer collectors love for their unique shape — and this one comes with reindeer engraved on it. Fill one up with a gingerbread stout or grab a custom Beer Den gift card so the lucky recipient can choose their favorite beer. Done. 

Yes, the ornaments are included | Photo provided by Lowes Foods

Who trees 

Think: Let’s be honest — who on your list *doesn’t* need a Who tree? These will be available around Black Friday. Make sure to snag yours in-store by early December at the latest — they tend to sell out early (because they’re adorable). 

You can find your nearest Lowes Foods here — happy shopping.*