Help GVLtoday find our next new office space

Photo of desk and decorated wall in 6AM City's current office space.
Know any great options for 6AM City’s (our parent company) next office space? Drop us your ideas. | Photo provided

In 2021, going into the office has taken on a whole new meaning for many companies. Let’s meet the new office slang that you keep hearing about (or at least, are about to):

  • Hoteling: Employees are not assigned their own desks; instead they reserve a desk for their temporary use, just for the days they expect to work in the office.
  • Hot Desking: A free-wheeling unassigned desk concept (also known as free address), where desks are first-come, first-served. If you see an open space, claim it as your own for the day — no reservations required.

As companies move towards more flexible work environments, location and layout are critical as space is primarily utilized as a hub for culture + connection. At GVLtoday, we’re looking to join that trend.

Bursting at the seams:

GVLtoday + our parent company 6AM City are growing fast — adding 70 new employees this fall, with several jobs located right here at headquarters in Greenville. While our current office has worked well for us, we’re ready to find a new location that embodies our culture of “Pride in Place” and allows for effective engagement with each other and the community.

We could use your help:

While our broker Blaine Hart at CBRE has a strong pulse on the market, we thought it would be fun to see what ideas our 60,000 readers have for the location of our next office space.

Our ideal space:


LOL, yesterday

Square Footage:

2,500 sqft-4,000 sqft 


Downtown or less than a one mile radius


  • 4-6 private offices
  • Open spaces for “hotelling” 
  • Lounge area for collaboration
  • Conference room
  • Kitchen/Breakroom

Bonus Points:

Ideas on where we can find this perfect space? 

If you know of something on the market, off the market, a sub-lease or any other interesting ideas, send it to Blaine ([email protected]) and we’ll check it out. We can’t wait to let everyone know where we land. 

Thanks for your help, Greenvillians. 💚