City of Greenville releases GVL2040 comprehensive plan draft

Overlooking downtown | Photo by @ejfalero
Overlooking downtown | Photo by @ejfalero

Just this week, the City of Greenville released the draft of the GVL2040 Comprehensive Plan. When complete, this 120+ page document will be used by the city to “shape its growth and evolution over the next two decades in ways that reflect how the community wants to grow.” (#ProTip: If you don’t have time to sit down right now and review the comprehensive plan draft in its entirety, this executive summary is a great Cliffsnotes version.) 

Since 2000 (Ah, simpler times, am I right?), the City of Greenville’s population has grown by 25% + Greenville County’s population by 40%. Our area’s growth isn’t expected to slow over the next 20 years, but how do we balance the good + the bad of this growth? Well, GVL2040 seeks to address just that. In addition, South Carolina requires a comprehensive plan for communities seeking to enact and enforce zoning + development regulations to provide the “reasoning behind the rules.” 

There are three major priorities with three corresponding goals for 2040 outlined in the GVL2040 plan draft –

○ Open space and the environment (#TheGoal: Proactively preserve as much as 35% of Greenville’s remaining vacant land)

○ Affordable housing opportunities (#TheGoal: Make at least 10% of all new housing in Greenville income-restricted) 

○ Transportation and mobility (#TheGoal: Make a range of appealing and safe mobility options possible)

Excerpt from GVL2040 plan
Excerpt from GVL2040 plan

These priorities + goals seek to uphold Greenville’s four core values – Enterprising, Resourceful, Inclusive, and Courageous – “that serve as the foundation for GVL2040 as a guide for consistent decision-making.” 

So, what’s next for the GVL2040 plan?

○ Nov. 2020 to Jan. 2021 – Community Discussion + Workshop (Presentations and discussions in the community, City Council + Planning Commission workshop) 

○ Jan. + Feb. 2021 – Workshop + Meeting (Planning Commission workshop and recommendation)

○ Feb. 2021 – Vote (City Council action on formal adoption)

The plan is very visual + easy to digest. We would highly recommend you take some time to review it whether you’re a parent, concerned citizen, business owner, or someone who’s new to the area, because GVL2040 is our future. And if you’re curious about how the City arrived at this document in the first place and how public input was sought over the past year, jump to pages 120 + 121