Your guide to Greenville disc golf

@tjdeluccia, playing at Century Park in Greer

A golfer and a caddie walk up to a tee box…

Caddie: You’ve got about 200 yards to the hole here, boss

Golfer: what’s the best approach here?

Caddie: You’ll want to throw one long-range down the middle of the fairway, then tomahawk throw in for a birdie.
Golfer: Cool, got it.

Wait, what? That’s right folks, we’re talkin’ disc golf. Some call if frolfing (frisbee golfing) – a game in which a frisbee is thrown into each of a series of metal baskets on an outdoor course. The goal is to complete the course using the fewest possible throws (just like traditional golf).

And, although traditional golf in the south during the fall is a beautiful sight, playing 18 with a couple of frisbees through a forest of colors ain’t bad either (plus, you can ditch the fancy clothes and cart fees).

DYK: Four disc golf courses here in the Upstate are ranked within the top 12 in the whole state by Disc Golf Scene?

(You can check out the full list of courses within 50 miles of Greenville here.)

We even have our very own disc golf club right here in the Upstate. If you think you can rip one down the fairway with the best of them, we suggest trying your hand at their two tournaments coming up this fall:

Thinking of giving it a try? We suggest first watching this sweet shot challenge video (which has 1.8M views) and reading up on the basics. When you’re ready to play, these stores can hook you up with the necessary discs: