How to stay safe in Greenville, SC’s record heat

The Greenville Water Splash Pad at Unity Park is the newest way to cool off in GVL. | Photo by GVLtoday

This one’s gonna be a scorcher, GVL. Today, Tues., June 14, temps are forecasted to hit 99°, which would break a record from 1885 when it hit 98°. 

You’re killin’ me heat wave! | GIF via giphy 

How to stay safe in the heat

It’s important to remember, when it’s this hot it feels even hotter, with humidity causing heat indices in the triple digits. Dr. Elizabeth Page Bridges, a Prisma Health Emergency Medicine physician, shared some tips for staying safe in the extreme heat. 

☀️ Drink plenty of fluids
When active in the heat, Dr. Bridges says you should drink 2-4 glasses of water or sports drinks every hour

☀️ Avoid extreme heat
If you work or exercise outdoors, avoid doing so during peak hours of sun by going out in the morning the evening + if you’re outside during high temps, make sure you have access to air conditioning or shade nearby for regular breaks.

☀️ Wear sunscreen
Your body can’t regulate temperature as well when you have a sunburn.

How to beat the heat

We’ve put together several guides with creative, fun, and most importantly, cool ways to spend the hottest of hot days in Greenville. 

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