Guide for the City of Greenville General Municipal Elections

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It’s Election Day, Greenvilledo you know your polling precinct? Do you know who is running? Do you know what to expect on your ballot?

Don’t fret – with the polls open until 7 p.m. today, there’s still plenty of time to get the 411 on where to vote, who you will see on the ballot, and, if you’re not registered – how you can be prepared to participate in the next voting term.

A few quick resources to get you started: 

  • First things first… check if you’re registered here.
  • Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Enter your first + last name, DOB, and county here to find your district. 
  • Here is what you will need to bring to the polls in order to vote.

Pro-tip: If you’re not registered yet, go ahead and do it now. It doesn’t take long, and it will ensure that you’re eligible to vote the next time around. Click here to register online.

Before you head to the polls, scroll for a complete breakdown of everything you’ll find on the ballot.

Here’s what’s at stake:

Greenville will decide its next mayor… just kidding. Incumbent Knox White is running unopposed, again. Knox White has been mayor since 1995.

There is one seat to be filled for the City Council At-Large, City Council District 1, City Council District 3, and Commissioner of Public Works positions. Voting is determined by district – to find your district, click the link here.

At-large members are elected to serve the population of the city as a whole. Candidates can be a resident of any of the four districts and all qualified + registered city residents are eligible to vote.

District members are elected by a geographical section of a city. Candidates seeking office for a particular district (1, 2, 3 or 4) must be a resident of that district and only qualified + registered voters from that district are eligible to vote.


Knox White (R)incumbent, running unopposed.

City Council At-Large:

Dorothy Dowe (D)

George Fletcher (R) – incumbent

City Council District 1:

Matthew K. Johnson (D)

John DeWorken (R) 

Incumbent Amy Ryberg Doyle did not file for re-election.

City Council District 3:

Ken Gibson (D)

Incumbent Jil Littlejohn did not file for re-election.

Commissioner of Public Works:

The Commission of Public Works is made up of five Commissioners (three who are elected for staggered six-year terms, plus two Ex-officio Commissioners – the Mayor and a City Council member). One of the three seats is currently up for reelection. 

Deb Sofield (R) – incumbent, running unopposed.

Greenville’s candidates for City Council

We asked the candidates for the City Council At-Large seat and the City Council District 1 seat to tell us why you should vote for themin 100 words or less.

City Council At-Large

George Fletcher (R) | Candidate for the Greenville City Council At-Large Seat

George Fletcher | Photo by Doug Jordan, Joe F. Jordan Photography

“As a Professional Engineer and Businessman, I bring:

  • 20+ years as owner of multiple successful businesses
  • 8 years – Executive Director of the SC Council on Competitiveness
  • Chairman of a dozen volunteer organizations, including the Greenville Chamber, Renewable Water Resources and the United Way Campaign. 
  • SC Engineer of the Year and Greenville Business Person of the Year

Council’s last four years:

  • Moved public works
  • Planned Unity Park
  • Built the Parallel Connector
  • Established the Housing Trust Fund
  • Quadrupled funding for public transit

Future Plans:

  • Increase affordable housing
  • Improve public transportation
  • Lead “Smart City” efforts
  • Fill empty office space
  • Complete Unity Park”

Dorothy Dowe (D) | Candidate for the Greenville City Council At-Large Seat

Dorothy Dowe | Photo by Kelly Norrell of Norrell Media

“Over the next four years the decisions made by Greenville City Council will be more numerous, more complicated, and have more direct impact on our quality of life than ever before. As an engineer, community leader, business person and 30-year city resident, I have the experience, expertise and energy required to represent the interests of the entire city. My priorities are affordable housing, public transportation, and responsibly managing Greenville’s growth to ensure we are a city where citizens thrive and businesses invest. If you share my priorities and value our community, I’m your candidate. Vote for me on November 5th.”

City Council District 1

If you’re a qualified and registered voter from District 1, you’ll see the candidates for the City Council District 1 seat on your ballot. Here are the responses from Matthew K. Johnson and John DeWorken.

John DeWorken (R) | Candidate for the Greenville City Council District 1 Seat

John DeWorken | Photo by Lauren Miller Photography

“A vote for me is a vote for balanced growth, strong neighborhoods and a strong economy.

As former neighborhood president, I have a record of championing issues, such as: 

  • Neighborhood parks
  • Safer crosswalks/more sidewalks
  • Slowing cars down
  • Supporting law enforcement

With a lifetime experience working for small businesses and a strong economy, I have the first-hand experience to be able to fight for: 

  • Small businesses
  • Public transportation and affordability issues
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Economic development

Balance is what I will fight for on Council.  Balance is key to a prosperous Greenville future.  I ask for your vote on Nov 5.”

Matthew K. Johnson (D) | Candidate for the Greenville City Council District 1 Seat

Matthew K. Johnson | Photo by Patrick Cox Photography

“District 1 voters should elect me as their City Council representative because as a Greenville native, a member of the Greenville Homeless Alliance’s steering committee, an attorney, and former chair of the City’s Planning Commission, I am uniquely qualified to understand the issues we face surrounding affordable housing and gentrification, public transportation, neighborhood safety and connectivity, our environment, and our neighborhood parks and community centers. But more importantly, I will ensure City Hall is focused on our neighborhoods and will make the tough choices and take actions necessary to ensure an inclusive and prosperous Greenville for all.”

Here are the current members of City Council:

Knox White | Mayor, At-large | Term: 2015-2019

Jil M. Littlejohn | Mayor Pro Tem, District 3 | Term: 2015-2019

Amy R. Doyle | Vice Mayor Pro Tem, District 1 | Term: 2015-2019

Lillian B. Flemming | District 2 | Term: 2017-2021

Wil Brasington | District 4 | Term: 2017-2021

George Fletcher | At-large | Term: 2015-2019

Russell Stall | At-large | Term: 2017-2021

Voting day details: The polls open at 7 a.m. and close at 7 p.m. Don’t know where you’re supposed to vote? Use your address to find your precinct here or through the South Carolina Election commission here. Then, check to see the polling location for your precinct

Don’t forget – you’ll be asked to provide Photo ID before you vote (see acceptable forms of identification here)

Let’s get out and vote, Greenville. We’ll see you at the polls.