Greenville City Council’s priorities for the fiscal year 2022

Greenville City Council members (from left): John DeWorken, Ken Gibson, Russell Stall, Knox White, Wil Brasington, Dorothy Dowe and Lillian Brock-Flemming | Photo from the City of Greenville

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It’s time for some new priorities. If you’ll remember, last year we shared Greenville City Council’s list of priorities for 2020 if you missed that, check it out here.

Now, City Council has announced their new priorities for the fiscal year 2022.

Neighborhoods + Affordable Housing

“Support balanced development that protects established neighborhoods, provides affordable housing, and addresses infrastructure needs including public facilities, sidewalks, and traffic calming measures to promote safety.”

Economic Development

“Strengthen our economy through strategic planning, business recruitment, and retention, the creation of an entrepreneurial ecosystem and select use of annexation; maintain a vibrant, mixed-use downtown and commercial nodes throughout the city; increase livability through events; and support businesses through COVID-19 recovery.”

Recreation, Open Space, and Environmental Sustainability

“Protect our environment, green space, and natural resources with a commitment to clean energy, river quality and restoration, upkeep of our zoo, parks and trail system, and the preservation and growth of our tree canopy.” 

Public Safety + Engagement 

“Provide superior emergency services to residents and businesses that meet the highest professional standards. Conduct City business with transparency, ensure diversity in citizen participation so voices of all residents are heard.”


“Increase mobility through smart traffic planning, roadway design, expanded public transportation service and the maintenance and enhancement of existing street, sidewalk, bike lane and trail networks.”