#Asked: What should Greenville’s unofficial food passport be?

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Hey, Greenville. As an up-and-coming city, one thing we love is getting inspiration from other cities. Recently, our friends at COLAtoday were talking about how Columbia has a Pimento Cheese Passport, where you can go all over town trying different restaurants’ pimento cheese dishes. 🤯  

Our first thought was, “Man, we’re jealous! We wish we had something like that.” So, we want to make one.

Pimento cheese, please | Experience Columbia’s Pimento Cheese passport

But that’s where we need your help. Columbia loves their pimento cheese and claims to have one of the oldest recorded pimento cheese recipes from 1912. We might not have a claim to fame quite like that, but Greenville is full of tasty dishes all over town.

What food, dish, or ingredient would you be willing to travel around town trying different versions of? Maybe it’s a tour of southern food or a dessert deep dive or trip to some Greenville staples, like Pita House and Spill the Beans.

Let us know, and we’ll put together an unofficial food passport. It would be a great way for newcomers to experience our restaurant scene or even for seasoned Greenvillians to step out of their normal dining routines

Head down to the question box below to let us know. 👇