Meet 5 hustling #Greenvillians 💪

Endeavor coworking space | photo provided

1.1 million. That’s how many people identified as coworkers in response to a 2017 deskmag survey. Advancements in technology allowing people to work remotely, coupled with the rise of startups, have led to a global increase in coworking spaces – we’re talking 13,800 in 2017 vs. just 1,130 in 2011.

And there’s no question that coworking spaces like downtown Greenville’s Endeavor – serve as a home base for some of the most entrepreneurial, creative folks in a city. 

Meet five #Greenvillians who are doing big things (and happen to all call Endeavor home): 

1. Lindsey McMillion Stemann | Principal + Owner of McMillion Consulting

Lindsay McMillion Stemann of McMillion Consulting | Photo provided
  • What she does: Trains professionals + businesses on how to use LinkedIn as a business tool.
  • In her words: “You would be surprised by how many people need permission to tell their story. Your LinkedIn profile is so much more than a resume. It is an opportunity to use your voice to tell your story.” 
  • Fav. thing about Endeavor: Downtown location with walking access to any restaurant off Main St. (the “perfect space” to host clients + her quarterly peer group meetings). 

2. Kristina Loughrey | Founder and President of K. Loughrey & Associates

Kristina Loughrey of K. Loughrey & Associates | Photo provided
  • What she does: Public relations, specializing in travel, home + lifestyle brands.
  • In her words: My entrepreneurial family inspired me to establish my own company culture that would impact the way I run my company. One way I do that is by working with people and business owners who are passionate about what they’re doing.”
  • Fav. thing(s) about Endeavor: Beautiful space, great location, synergistic energy + networking events.

3. Geno Church | Founder + Owner of The Shared Ship

Geno Church of The Shared Ship | Photo provided
  • What he does: Helps organizations identify + spark their culture through opportunities that build community. 
  • In his words: “My suggestion to everyone would be to invest time in yourself. Find out what makes you feel good and what you’re proud of. It goes back to your fight. Do you wake up every day and feel inspired? Take some time to do something meaningful and see if it stirs something in your bones. Life is too short not to jump ship and explore, and if you don’t explore, you can’t discover.” 
  • Fav. thing about Endeavor: The calm vibe + aesthetically pleasing atmosphere.

4. Alfredo Deambrosi | Content Marketing Manager at Perspectium

Alfredo Deambrosi of Perspectium | Photo provided
  • What he does: Writes content for the marketing department of San Diego-based tech company Perspectium.
  • In his words: Read stories that are inspiring to you, notice how the storyteller succeeds in connecting with their audience, and then take those same elements to come up with a formula of storytelling. The most important thing you can do is to talk to and listen to customers to identify pain points, because that can be instrumental in the solution of your story.”
  • Fav. thing about Endeavor: Connecting with + learning from other members.

5. Elizabeth Clark | Account Executive with BPI Media Group

Elizabeth Clark of BPI Media Group | Photo provided
  • What she does: Sales and account management for Alabama-based commercial printing company BPI Media Group. 
  • In her words: “Today is my 19th year with the company. I was a customer of BPI when I worked in the marketing department for a publishing company. I have now been an account executive for fifteen years. For the past ten years, I’ve been working for BPI remotely. I’ve always been disciplined in working from home, but Endeavor makes you feel like you’re a part of something bigger than yourself.” 
  • Fav. thing about Endeavor: Increased productivity, sense of creative community + positive energy, where everyone is uplifting and supportive.

Endeavor’s offerings range from coworking day passes to monthly memberships, all with access to amenities. Learn more about their membership options.