City of Greenville’s Agenda Center

Mixed-use development at 1015 S. Main St. | Designed by SeamonWhiteside + Cline Design

Wanna know one of our little secrets? The City of Greenville has what’s called an Agenda Center, and it’s the perfect place to level up your Greenville knowledge.

There’s a little bit of everything — from City Council meeting minutes to Planning Commission meeting agendas to (and this one’s our personal favorite) Design Review board public notices

This public notice was posted online last week + details a few of Greenville’s biggest upcoming projects that will be discussed in the city’s Design Review Board (DRB) meeting on Thurs., May 6

Markley Street Hotel + Residences, 100 N. Markley St.

At the corner of Rhett + Markley Streets, this Kimpton hotel should open its 170 rooms + four restaurants in early 2022. And it looks like the property will have a rooftop pool.

Exterior of new Kimpton Hotel made predominantly of brick and glass
Markley Street Hotel + Residences | Designed by Nichols Brosch Wurst Wolfe (NBWW)

UCB Headquarters, 200 E. Camperdown Way

UCB’s new Greenville headquarters will be situated behind the Grand Bohemian in Falls Park. The HQ is expected to be completed in 2024 + bring 220 jobs to town.

Rendering of multistory building - no materials shown for facade
UCB Headquarters | Designed by McMillan Pazdan Smith Architecture

Field Street Redevelopment, Field Street

Move over Fenway. With this project, Field Street would transform into an event space with vendors, food trucks, live music, and more, whenever there’s a game at Fluor Field at the West End.

Brick street with people, food trucks, vendors, and lush landscaping
Field Street Redevelopment | Designed by SeamonWhiteside

Mixed-Use Development, 1015 S. Main St.

A stone’s throw to Fluor Field, this five-story structure would include 250 apartments, parking, and 15,000 sqft of retail space.

Multi-story mixed-use development with a retail store, glass railings, and aparments
Mixed-use development at 1015 S. Main St. | Designed by SeamonWhiteside + Cline Design

As you can see from the renderings, these developments have the potential to change the landscape of the West End. Whether you love the designs or hate ‘em or are just happy to know about them in general, you can find even more nuggets like this on the city’s Agenda Center and make your feelings known at the DRB meeting on Thurs., May 6.