How to be #glutenfree in Greenville

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Let’s start with answering the real question here: WTH is gluten? Gluten is the protein compound that helps foods maintain their elasticity and shape. It’s found in wheat, rye, barley, and any crossbreeds of those grains.

Gluten free may not always be the easiest choice but it can definitely be just as good (if not better) than some options containing gluten.

Don’t think for one second that a gluten-free diet is always super healthy – just try the gluten free fried pickles at Grill Marks. On the other hand, I can’t think of a better way to eat veggies than dipping into some butternut squash hummus at The Nose Dive.

A lot of Mexican restaurants offer corn tortillas as a gluten free alternative and pizza joints (like Sidewall, Swamp Pizza, Toss Pizza Pub, and Trio Brick Oven Cafe) have gluten free crust options.

Swamp Rabbit Grocery & Cafe has Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk Vegan/Gluten-Free cookies. Enough said.

Need more options?

  • American Roadside offers gluten free buns and fries. Burgers just aren’t burgers without a bun.
  • Biscuit Head doesn’t want you to miss out on their biscuits, even without the gluten.
  • Broad and River Pub | Try the gluten free fish and chips with housemade wasabi tartar sauce.
  • Caviar and Bananas | “Their gluten free bread tastes like buttery breadsticks” – Ariel Turner, journalist at Community Journals and super (gluten free) foodie
  • Eggs Up Grill. Gluten free pancakes for the win.
  • GB&D | Shakshuka (eggs poached in a tomato sauce with spices) comes with gluten free cornbread.
  • Ji-roz | Your choice of pork, lamb, chicken, or veggies stuffed into gluten free pita bread with tzatziki, tomatoes, onions.
  • All of the Persian dishes at Pomegranate are gluten free. Try the Kashk Bademjan.
  • Red Bowl has over 100 items on their gluten free menu, including sushi. #MustDoget the Mango Shrimp Roll.
  • Roost actually has a separate food prep area for gluten free meals. The flatbread is amazing.
  • Snack Works | Enjoy a Turkey Fresco Panini (or any other panini you want) on gluten free bread.
  • Soby’s and Larkin’s both have gluten free she crab soup and crackers available for dips and cheeses.
  • Southern Pressed Juicery is 100% gluten free and vegan. The rolled oats donuts are better than Krispy Kreme for sure.
  • Sully’s Steamers uses a separate toaster for gluten free bagels. Bagels aren’t just for breakfast.
  • The Chocolate Moose makes gluten free cupcakes every. single. day. Try their new spring flavor: Red Velvet.
  • The Anchorage offers so many gluten free options. Just ask a server.
  • Tupelo Honey Cafe has two gluten free shrimp and grits entrees for when you can’t decide between bacon or goat cheese.

*Remember: Many Greenville restaurants try to be accommodating to gluten intolerance and other allergies but it is super important to ask about food preparation to avoid potential cross contamination or any other issues.

If you want to learn more about gluten free lifestyles, recipes, and other resources, check out Greenville Gluten Intolerance Group and Gluten Free Greenville and Spartanburg.

If you want to make me a list of awesome gluten free dishes you’ve tried, you know where the comment box is. 😉

– Jordan


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Another great place is Cantina 76. They offer GF tacos (and more on there every day menu). I’m GF, and recently discovered them. $2.99 tacos, oh yeah!


Tupelo Honey uses Adluh Grits which are processed on shared equipment and have made me sick in the past. Just a heads up!!! Anson Mills is certified Gluten Free however 🙂